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OPEN YOUR HEART, OPEN YOUR HOME! In our community, there are countless animals without homes. When you adopt or foster an animal from the Bellaire Pound, you are saving two lives, giving one animal a home and making space for a homeless animal at the Bellaire shelter.

Foster an animal

Help foster happiness in animals without a home. Be a foster, save a life. As a foster you are providing temporary housing for our most vulnerable dogs. Fostering an animal is a very emotionally rewarding experience! Helping an animal in need that needs extra time, love and care will bring you and your family a lot of joy and wonderful memories. Nonetheless, we

understand it is not an experience for everyone as time and sometimes extra care is needed. Friends of the Bellaire Pound is always in need of foster families, especially right now.




FOBP is a volunteer network of individuals assisting the Bellaire Police Department find homes/rescues for the city's pound dogs!

Updates and More

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